Small batch production, referred to as a Cut, Make,Trim (CMT) service, provides emerging apparel designers the opportunity to succeed by offering lower Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and direct contact to your manufacturer when starting their business. 


Some of the problems small brands encounter, in particular when working with large offshore manufacturing companies are; the high minimum quantities they are required to purchase per style, unclear communication, long production lead times, final products not matching the sample provided, long shipping times and priority is often given to bigger companies with large orders, pushing back the production of smaller brands with smaller orders.

These factors often leave a small business feeling exhausted, deflated and spending large amounts of money without getting the product that they want.


As an Australian based Small Batch Manufacturing Company, we offer:

  • Direct point of contact and fast response times
  • Small minimum order quantities
  • Consulting services for new/ start up labels
  • Blank TECH PACKS for your garment development
  • Protection of your Intellectual Property
  • No hidden costs 
  • Easy and open communication
  • A solution focused approach: meaning if there is a problem with a pattern or design, we will communicate this with you before going ahead with production, saving you valuable time and money.
  • We’re a registered Ethical Clothing Manufacturer

We produce minimum quantities of 20 pieces per style and maximum quantities of 100. This gives your apparel brand the opportunity to scale up in your own time, and work towards increasing your manufacturing orders when ready. 

In particular we specialise in Bridal and Womens Ready To Wear garments.

Small Batch Manufacture is an ethical approach to clothing manufacturing, which is in line with our vision of reducing waste and landfill. Our team, work towards a minimal waste operation with our clients. 

Our studio is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia which protect and uphold the rights of Australian garment workers, ensuring a transparent supply chain.

We are passionate about local manufacturing and cultivating the growth of small fashion labels within Australia.


Step #1: To start the CMT process and quote your designs for production we will need a completed TECH PACK for each piece.


Step #2: Fill in the short survey to give us more information about your brand. You will go on the waitlist for manufacture in 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: Manufacturing services are currently booked for 2021. To go on the waitlist for 2022 please enter your details in the following link: Small Batch Manufacturing 2022

We also offer Consultancy services for these brands that need a little more assistance.


Collectively our team has over 40 years' experience in the fashion industry. We understand what it takes to start and grow an apparel business, we love providing a platform for Australian brands to succeed and to reach their full potential.