Every custom garment is built from scratch, to fit you. Select from our sample gowns and ready to wear designs.



Gowns are those dresses which include more structure and fitting, boning, multiple layers. Including Ball, Black tie and Bridal - think red carpet attire.

    Six months is ideal, this gives us enough time to sit down and work out a design, select and source fabric, have approx. 3 fittings. We aim to have your gown ready 1 month prior to your event. More time is even better; less is possible but will depend on our workload and may incur a rush fee.



      Dresses and separates are those garments for parties, weddings, balls, the races, etc. Each will be perfectly fitted to your body and well made.

        Minimum three months (for bridal parties with multiple members, addition time is needed) more time is even better; less is possible but will depend on our workload and may incur a rush fee.



            HAVE A THINK ABOUT.

            - Are you planning or changing shape or size? You don’t need to, you’re beautiful. But if you are, please keep any drastic changes to a minimum while we are creating your garments and please be open and honest with us about your plans.

            - If there is a ‘bun in the oven’, please let us know. We can accommodate for growing bellies and will adjust your timeline to suit.

            - Underwear; it’s a pretty big deal. Consider if you would like to wear any shape wear, corsetry, bras or anything of a shape changing nature. We will need you to wear the same undergarments you plan on wearing with your garment at each fitting. A push up bra one day, to a soft cup the next changes a lot!

            - What do you plan on doing in your garment? Sitting for a formal meal or boogying the night away? We want you to be as comfortable and secure as possible, and we kind of want to hear about your party too.

            - Makeup; (and fake tan, cosmetics, moisturisers etc) Please avoid wearing anything on your skin that could rub off onto your new garment to fittings. Especially important once we begin fitting with the real fabric.

            - We respect and admire many designers, and would never copy their work. But please feel free to show us any inspirational images that you like. We love and want your input and ideas, and will use this to work together to create the final design.


              Camera skills -  Lauren Hall