Made for you, by us, in house.


Every custom garment is built from scratch, to fit you.

We view creating a garment in the same way a sculptor turns a mound of clay into a vase, or carpenter builds a table from a length of wood. We take joy from moulding a 2-dimensional piece of fabric into a 3-dimensional structure that perfectly cloths your body.




CONSULT.  To begin we select a design with you from our custom samples or ready to wear designs. We supply you a quote after this chat.

ONE. From here we begin fitting you in a calico toile, pinning in to create a perfect fit. At this stage we check the proportions are working well on you, tweaking as needed. Any design alterations are made now.

TWO. The real deal. Your garment is fitted in the real fabric. Edges are raw, hems are undone. Lengths are checked, the last few tweaks are made. 

THREE. It's (almost) done. Your garment is very nearly finished. There might be a couple more finishing touches to make.

PICK UP.  It's all yours, baby! Party time, excellent!


*This is a only a guide to how the custom made process works. There might be more or less fittings depending on design. The process is tailored to each client.



Camera skills -  Lauren Hall