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Cost: $1000

Time: 1.5 hours

Delivery: Google Meet

The Ready for Market Consultation is a deep dive into your brand strategy and current collection. We take a look at your TECH PACKS and any samples (if you have them), to see if there are any technical or fabrication developments that can be improved upon – making sure each piece is ready for production.

Together we explore your marketing and sales strategy, we review your product positioning, pricing structure and spend time working through our Studio ILKA – Manufacture TECH PACK, included in your Ready for Market Consultation. This document is a comprehensive examination of the financial costs involved in making each garment, detailing a profitable mark-up for wholesale and recommended retail price for your brand.

We look at expected production costs for each piece and evaluate any changes that may need to be made to keep your brand priced according to your target market and desired brand positioning.

The Ready for Market Consultation is perfect for these brands that are almost ready for production or you have been in business for 1 or 2 years and would like to review your brand positioning and financial structure.

To maximise your Ready for Market Consultation you will need to have completed the Studio ILKA – Development TECH PACK (or similar).

This consultation is NOT suitable for emerging designers or for brands that are still in the Brand Development Stages.

The Ready for Market Consultation will take 1.5 hours and is hosted online via Google Meet every Wednesday or Thursday. Upon booking you will be advised to email your completed Development TECH PACKS for review prior to your consultation session.

You will also be sent a pre-consultation work sheet to complete so we’re able to maximise our consultation time together.


Ready for Market Consultation 

  • Deep Dive into your brand strategy.
  • Revision of your current collection.
  • Review of your Development TECH PACKS: making sure each piece is ready for production (up to 10 pieces).
  • Explore your marketing and sales strategy.
  • Review of product positioning.
  • Examine garment costings, projected wholesale and recommended retail price.
  • A blank Studio ILKA – Manufacture TECH PACK to clearly outline production costs and manufacturing expectations.
  • General Feedback to clarify expectations and guarantee your brand is production ready.
  • Suggested action steps to take to ensure your brand is ready to launch!