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Studio ILKA – Complete CMT Bundle - TECH PACK 

A TECH PACK is a detailed document outlining the specifications for your garment/product. The TECH PACK will assist in communicating your design to any apparel manufacturer. The specifications of your products are the most important element when designing apparel and help bring your ideas to life.

The Studio ILKA - TECH PACK, gives you the opportunity to communicate your vision clearly. Even if you have limited industry knowledge this document, will help you speak the same technical language as your manufacturer.

For newly established brands the Studio ILKA – TECH PACK also provides you with a complete understanding of how your products are to be made and what is required to take each piece from idea to reality.

The Studio ILKA – TECH PACK is a vital tool to help you avoid costly mistakes and wasting time.

What's in the Studio ILKA – Complete CMT Bundle - TECH PACK;

  • Pattern Spec Sheet
  • Make Spec Sheet
  • Make Spec Terminology Sheet
  • External Garment Description Sheet
  • Detailed Garment Description Sheet
  • Overview of Materials Sheet
  • Colour Spec Sheet
  • Order of Assembly
  • Size Spec Diagram
  • Size Spec Measurement Sheet
  • Size Spec Terminology Sheet
  • Cut Sheet
  • Order Sheet
  • Quality Control Sheet
  • Costing Sheet

Our Studio ILKA – TECH PACK is designed to simplify confusion and help you communicate your vision to your manufacturer.