Bridal Gown Alterations

ILKA Bridal Alterations is Perth's premium specialty alteration service, with one-on-one bridal fittings to tailor your wedding gown for the perfect fit.

Combined, our team has over 40 years of experience in clothing manufacturing and custom made bridal wear. We take the utmost pride in creating the perfect fit for you, so that on your wedding day you feel confident and look absolutely amazing.

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April, May & June.
Weddings less than 2 weeks away, please contact to check availability. Phone: 0404 414 635, Email:

Bridal Dress Alteration Timeframe

Our team is passionate about creating the perfect bespoke fit for your wedding gown.

Depending on how extensive the tailoring requirements are for your wedding gown, bridal alterations generally take between 6 to 8 weeks and include 2-3 fittings. 

We can accomodate shorter timeframes, from same/next day service to those with more time up their sleeve, subject to availability. 

For last-minute appointment bookings please phone +61 0404414635 or email

Pricing for Bridal Alteration

When investing in a wedding gown, you want to make sure you choose the right tailors to fit your dress. Bridal tailoring is a specialised area, which requires the right training and techniques to carry out the works appropriately. 

We offer a premium service at ILKA. Our female lead team are highly trained designers, pattern makers, machinists and couture technicians. We are dedicated to only delivery high end services for our brides. 

Our pricing structure is based off of an hourly rate across our alterations and fittings. Our alteration service are priced at $165.00 + GST pr/hr.

An average spendfor our brides is between $950.00 - $1,350.00 for a full bespoke tailoring service (Take in/let out bodice & skirt, contouring, straps take up, hems).

We advise you at your fitting of an estimate quote for alterations and require a 50% deposit to be made at the 1st fitting. The final payment is based on the time required to sew and may be higher or lower than the estimate provided. If significantly more time is required to complete your alterations we inform inform you every step of the way.


Online Quotes

Looking for a rough estimate? Email us today at, with what areas you would like tailored, as well as imagery of your dress. This quote is not firm, pricing may change once the dress has been viewed by our team. 

Showroom Quote

Looking to come in to visit our space and have an accurate quote?

Sure! We can help!

Your fittings are included in the price of your alterations. If you are seeking professional advise or an estimated quote for your bridal gown alterations this is charged at $165+GST. This fee is redeemable for up to a 4 week period after your initial fitting, limited to your bridal alterations only. If you choose not to proceed with your alterations, that is not a problem, the fee would no longer be redeemable. 

For price enquires, please email or call 0404 414 635

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