FAQ's - Bridal Alterations


FAQ's - Bridal Alterations  

What is Studio ILKA?  

At Studio ILKA is a fashion and alterations studio. Our team of seamstresses are experts in bridal alterations on new wedding dresses, preloved bridal dresses, sale or sample dresses and vintage pieces. We have a design background and can problem solve to achieve the look you require with your outfit. 

We are dedicated to achieving that bespoke fit that you desire. Whether you want your wedding dress taken in or let out, the hems taken up or a split added, we will make sure your bridal alterations flatter your shape and fit you beautifully.  


What alterations can be completed? 

Bridal alterations, suit alterations and general alterations can be completed on plain, silk, lace, beaded embellishment, pleated or gathered fabric gowns, suits, ball dresses and clothing. We specialise in Bridal and evening wear. 

We also offer custom design elements such as neckline re-design, sleeves, over skirts and full custom designed outfits. 


How many bridal alteration fittings do I need? 

Most clients attend 2-3 fittings for bridal gown alterations. Each fitting goes for the duration of 30 - 45mins. General alteration fittings are 15 minutes. 


When long does it take for my bridal dress to be altered? 

The bridal tailoring process generally takes 8 weeks. We recommend booking in roughly 2 months before wedding date. If you are having a destination wedding, please remember to take this into consideration when booking in.  Shorter timeframes can be accommodated upon request. Please contact our team. 


Can you do rush jobs for bridal alterations? 

Yes, we can accommodate rush jobs for bridal alterations. Timeframes of 4 weeks or less to the wedding (or departure date) with rush fees from 20% of the alteration price. We can accommodate very short timeframes of 1-2 days or a week turnaround, with prior notice. 

Many of our regional customers opt for a rush job and spend a few days in Perth to have their bridal gown alterations completed within 1-2 days, instead of multiple trips back and forth. 

Rush fee Exemption for Off peak season - Apr - June 2024
Rush fee exemptions for customers who require their wedding gown within a 3 weeks of their 1st fitting, will be waived during our off peak season. 
Rush fee's will only apply for clients with alterations required in less than a 2 week time period. 

Can you work with Brides outside of Perth? 

Yes, we work with many customers who live outside of Perth. We do require the person being fitted to physically be present to tailor the outfit perfectly. These customers most often choose to rush their alterations through in a few days, or travel back and forth. 


How to book your fitting 

Our online booking system allows you to book your 1st bridal alterations appointment with ease, by choosing the date and time that works for you. We advise you to book at least 8 weeks prior to your wedding to give our tailors plenty of time to complete the alterations. Our team will book you in for your next appointment when we see you in the studio. Click here to book your 1st fitting today 


How much do bridal alterations cost? 


When investing in a wedding gown, you want to make sure you choose the right tailors to fit your dress. Bridal tailoring is a specialised area, which requires the right training and techniques to carry out the works appropriately.  

We offer a premium service here at ILKA. Our female lead team are highly trained designers, pattern makers, machinists and couture technicians. We are dedicated to only delivery high end services for our brides.  


Our pricing structure is based off of an hourly rate across our alterations and fittings. As of 1st September 2023, our pricing will be increasing to $165.00 + GST pr/hr. For bridal alteration 1st fittings made for a date between now and the 31st of August 2023, our current rate of $150+gst will apply.

An average spend of between $950.00 - $1,350.00 for a full bespoke tailoring service (Take in/let out bodice & skirt, contouring, straps take up, hems)

Alterations – Budget from $935+GST  

Adjusting a garment by 1 size up or down. Bespoke fit which would include but not limited to; Taking in / Letting out / Straps in or out / Hems.  


Significate Alterations – Budget from $1,400+GST 

Garments that are significantly smaller or bigger than your body size (2 + dress sizes) These jobs are more complex and additional hours are required to give the right fit.  


Design Changes – POA, contact via email for more details 

Changing Neckline / changing design of bodice or skirt / vintage dress re-design. This service can be complex and require both material sourcing and design components. Pricing for this is on a Price on Application. 


We advise you at your fitting of an estimate quote for alterations and require a 50% deposit to be made at the 1st fitting. The final payment is based on the time required to sew and may be higher or lower than the estimate provided. If significantly more time is required to complete your alterations, we do our best to inform you every step of the way. 


Do you charge for fittings? 

Fittings are charged at the same hourly rate of $165+gst pr/hr, we include the price of fittings when we provide your price estimate.   

If you would like to request additional fittings, please be mindful these will be charged as per our hourly rate. 


Do you offer free bridal alterations quotes?  

Looking for a rough estimate? Email us today at booking@weareilka.com.au, with what areas you would like tailored, as well as imagery of your dress. This quote is not firm, pricing may change once the dress has been viewed by our team.  


How do I know if the bridal alterations quote is accurate? 

Looking to come in to visit our space and have an accurate quote? 

Sure! we can help! 

Your fittings are included in the price of your alterations. If you are seeking professional advise or an estimated quote for your bridal gown alterations this is charged at $165+GST. This fee is redeemable for up to a 4 week period after your initial fitting, limited to your bridal alterations only. If you choose not to proceed with your alterations, that is not a problem, the fee would no longer be redeemable.  


Can you work to my budget? 

We work to an hourly rate of $165+gst. To fit in with a customer’s budget we can discuss what areas can be altered for the budget. Please do not take offence we are unable to lower our hourly rate. 


Do I need to pay a deposit at my first bridal fitting? 

Yes, a 50% deposit of the estimated price is required on the date of your first fitting.  The remaining balance is due on or before the final collection fitting.   


What payment methods are accepted? 

We accept Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers and cash.  
No Amex or Diners. 

Surcharges apply for card transactions only.  


Do you make veils and accessories? 

Yes, we make veils, belts, gloves, sleeves and bridal accessories to order. We have samples available in store to try on, or feel free to email us with your inspiration.  


I’m Pregnant, can I have my bridal dress altered?  


Yes, we can certainly alter you dress to fit. Depending on the style and alterations/design changes required as well as your individual circumstances, we recommend for you to contact our team via email, with as much information as possible about your dress and timeframe for us to best work with you.


When should I book in for my bridal alterations if I am pregnant?

If you’re worried about time frame, due to the nature of your body changing, we would recommend a rush time frame (4weeks or less) to get the optimal fit for you and your bump. Contact our team to book you in for your 1st fitting.  


I’m shredding for my wedding, and my body is changing. What do I do?  


We understand bodies change, and a wedding shred might be on the cards. To prepare for these changes, we request for you to notify our staff before or at your 1st fitting. Our team will work to alter the dress to the body present on the 1st fitting, however the offer of additional fittings can be organised for the dress to fit you to the T. 


I’ve already had my 1st fitting with ILKA, and my body is changing shape, what do I do? 


Firstly, don’t panic and secondly call or email our team. If you have noticed significant changes to your body, please notify our team ASAP. We will book you in for an additional fitting. For this service additional charges will apply for the fitting and any additional alteration works required.  


I’m Breastfeeding, do you need to know?  


Yes, we do need to know. We would recommend fittings to be booked in at the same time or at the same fullness for previous visits, for each appointment. E.g If you have come in after you have feed, and your bust is smaller the dress will fit differently, to if you came in with full breast. If you need any assistance in this, please contact our staff.  


I’m Postpartum, do you need to know? 


Yes, we do need to know. It is important to have as much information as possible in regards to how your body may change. If you wedding is shortly after you give birth, please call our team to organise your fitting dates.  


Are you LGBTQAI+ Friendly? 


Yes, we welcome everyone to ILKA. If you have any question or concerns about your visit, please get in touch with us.  


Do you have disability access? 


Our fitting room is upstairs, however with prior notice (5 days) we can facilitate a fitting in our downstairs studio. Our team is working on our disability access, to make a Permanent solution for people to enjoy.  


I’m feeling anxious about being in a wedding dress and the fitting process. 


It can be overwhelming and stressful planning a wedding, as well as being in a wedding dress. Some clients have found it beneficial to give our team prior knowledge of any conditions or concerns they have. This information will be held with the utmost privacy and professionalism. If you wish to speak with one of our team members, feel free to contact them before your fitting or speak privately at the time of your 1st fitting. 



Bodice Reconstruction  

This is where our team of experts reconstruct the bodice of your wedding gown to create a bespoke fit for you. This may include, but is not limited to: taking in or letting out the bust and/or waist, contouring the neckline, re-shaping armholes, adjusting or altering bra cup inserts, and shaping the bust area. 


Skirt Reconstruction 

This is where our team of experts tailor the skirt of your wedding gown. This may include, but is not limited to: taking in the waist, both the high hip measurement and the hip measurement, tailoring the back of the dress to accentuate the bottom, or adding darts into the skirt waistline to create shape.  


Wedding Dress Hem adjustments 

Our team will adjust straight hems, scalloped lace hems, hand rolled hems, beaded hems and tulle hems, to name a few. All adjusted hems are completed in the desired length and to the original design, so that the hem looks untouched.  


Neckline modifications  

This can include neckline reshaping, contouring to your bust, and neckline redesign, eg. lowering the back to the waist.  



A bustle is a functional alteration which keeps the train off the floor for you to dance the night away, free from having guests accidentally step on your wedding gown. We can create two types of bustles or a hand loop. An under-bustle and an over-bustle. Please note: depending on the style of dress, a bustle might not be achievable, but we are happy to discuss this at your fitting.  


Converting back bodice into a lace-up  

Is your dress too tight? Or do you love the look of a lace-up? Either way, our tailors can convert the back of your wedding dress into a lace-up.  


Straps and Sleeves  

We lengthen, shorten and offer custom straps or sleeves that can be created upon request. We also can create detachable sleeves to suit your dress. 



If you wish to change an element of your bridal gown, or you have a customisation in mind, we invite you to contact us via email with imagery of your gown and additional information about the customisation request. One of our team members will get in touch with you.  



We offer full gown redesign services. For this service, please email us at booking@weareilka.com.au  with imagery for your gown and what areas you want to be redesigned. For this process more time is ideal for your wedding dress redesign, however short time frames can be accommodated.