What is Studio ILKA? 

At Studio ILKA, our team of seamstresses are experts in bridal alterations on new wedding dresses, preloved bridal dresses, sale or sample dresses and vintage pieces.

We are dedicated to achieving that bespoke fit that you desire. Whether you want your wedding dress taken in or let out, the hems taken up or a split added, we will make sure your bridal alterations flatter your shape and fit you beautifully. We also have our own bridal collection, launched in 2022, which you can click here to view.


What alterations can be completed?

Alterations can be completed on plain, silk, lace, beaded embellishment, pleated or gathered fabric gowns.


Bodice Reconstruction 

This is where our team of experts reconstruct the bodice of your wedding gown to create a bespoke fit for you. This may include, but is not limited to: taking in or letting out the bust and/or waist, contouring the neckline, re-shaping armholes, adjusting or altering bra cup inserts, and shaping the bust area.


Skirt Reconstruction

This is where our team of experts tailor the skirt of your wedding gown. This may include, but is not limited to: taking in the waist, both the high hip measurement and the hip measurement, tailoring the back of the dress to accentuate the bottom, or adding darts into the skirt waistline to create shape. 


Hemline adjustments

Our team will adjust straight hems, scalloped lace hems, hand rolled hems, beaded hems and tulle hems, to name a few. All adjusted hems are completed in the desired length and to the original design, so that the hem looks untouched. 


Neckline modifications 

This can include neckline reshaping, contouring to your bust, and neckline redesign. For neckline redesign, please refer to the Redesign section below for more information and how to contact our team about this service.



A bustle is a functional alteration which keeps the train off the floor for you to dance the night away, free from having guests accidentally step on your wedding gown. We offer two types of bustles. An under-bustle and an over-bustle. Please note: depending on the style of dress, a bustle might not be achievable, but we are happy to discuss this at your fitting. 


Converting back bodice into a lace-up 

Is your dress too tight? Or do you love the look of a lace-up? Either way, our tailors can convert the back of your wedding dress into a lace-up. 


Straps and Sleeves 

We lengthen, shorten and offer custom straps or sleeves that can be created upon request. Please refer to the Redesign section below for more information and how to contact our team about this service.



If you wish to change an element of your bridal gown, or you have a customisation in mind, we invite you to contact us via email with imagery of your gown and additional information about the customisation request. One of our team members will get in touch with you. 



We offer full gown redesign services. For this service, please email us at booking@weareilka.com.au  with imagery for your gown and what areas you want to be redesigned. For this process more time is ideal  for your wedding dress redesign, however short time frames can be accommodated.


How many fittings do I need?

Typically 2-3 fittings are required for bridal gowns. Usually, most clients are able to collect their gowns at the 2nd fitting. However, if extensive or additional alterations are required, a 3rd fitting will be booked in by our staff at your 2nd fitting. Each fitting goes for the duration of 30 - 45mins. Please arrive on time for your fitting to ensure a seamless experience!


How to book your fitting

Our online booking system allows you to book your 1st bridal alterations appointment with ease, by choosing the date and time that works for you. We advise you to book at least 8 weeks prior to your wedding to give our tailors plenty of time to complete the alterations. Our team will book you in for your 2nd or 3rd fittings when we see you in the studio. Click here to book your 1st fitting today


Is ILKA an ethical business?

Yes, we are. ILKA is registered with Ethical Clothing Australia, which means we ensure our staff are working in safe and fair conditions in our studio, based in Perth, Western Australia. We are focused on sustainable practices and products when producing our bridal pieces. For more information on our certification please head to Ethical Clothing Australia.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and cash. No Amex or Diners.