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Boomba Magic Nipple Covers

Boomba Magic Nipple Covers

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Introducing Both our Magic Nipple Covers, adhesive and non-adhesive. 

Magic Nipple covers live up to in title. Leaving a seamless, lightweight finish, which blend into your completion. 

Magic Nipple Covers (non-adhesive) adhere using advanced suction technology and are able to adhere to your skin, without any adhesive.

And if your wanting something with a bit more security? We also offer our Magic Nipple Covers (adhesive) These are able to stick to skin with no additional adhesive needed. The Magic Nipple covers are washable and can be re-useable but just gently running it under some warm water, shaking of the extra water and leaving to dry.

Before using Magic Nipple Covers (no adhesive), rinse the nipple covers and fling off any excess water. Apply to nipples while damp and hold for a few seconds. Then smooth out any air bubbles under the Magic Nipple covers (non-adhesive).

Magic Nipple Covers (non-adhesive) Can be reused simply by washing before every use. If Magic Nipple covers are not properly cleaned before usage, they will not adhere securely to the skin.

Please follow the instruction provided in the package. 


  • 3.15inches (8cm)
  • 4inches (10cm)
The magic nipple covers is available in a variety of sizes and colours, for special orders please get in touch with us via email - 

    Our products are not intended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Once sold this product is not refundable due to health and safety reasons, please check your size here - BOOMBA Size Chart

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