Core Emergency Kit

Core Emergency Kit

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Get ready for your perfect wedding with our new core emergency kit! From tackling stains and keeping your hair under control, to bust support and to sewing supplies, we've got you covered. These kits are packed with a plethora of useful items to assist you on your special day!

Your core emergency kit come with all the essentials you need for your big day. Boomba double-sided tape and a Roll of our Boomba body tape. Your kit will also come with all the basic kits needs such as our sewing kit to keep your outfit in place, while our cotton tips, makeup pads, and makeup remover wipes will help erase pesky makeup stains. For stubborn stains, our Magic stain remover pen will do the trick. And don't forget the must-haves like Listerine pocket pks, band-aids, hair elastics, bobby pins, and safety pins. All neatly packaged in a cute bag with a bow.

The Core Emergency Kit Bundle is available in a variety of shades, Cream, Beige, Taupe, and Bronze. 

What's included the package:

1 Boomba Body Tape Regular, 1 Fashion Tape, 1 Sewing kit, Small pk cotton tips, Small pk makeup pads, Small pk makeup remover wipes, Talcum powder, 1 Listerine pocket pk, 1 Magic stain remover pen, 8 Band-aids, 1 Hair elastics, 2 Bobbin pins and 4 Safety pins.

Boomba Products are not suitable for sensitive or pregnant/breastfeeding individuals.

Bra is available in a variety of sizes and colours, for special orders please get in touch with us via email - hello@weareilka.com.au 

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